Nepal - temporary

Nepal - President, 2018

Guinea Bissau, c1980

Guinea Bissau, Forças Armadas (Armed Forces)

guinea-bissau, 2006 series plates

Malawi - 1960s. MG=Malawi Government, escorting Presidential vehicles

Malawi - presidential plates

East Timor, Prime Minister c2007

East Timor - Tamu Negara "State Guest"

Libya, "Brotherly Leader" Gaddafi plate, c1980s

Sultan of Brunei - can you even call this a license plate at this point?

Nigeria - President

Togo, President

Uganda - president

Philippines - Presidential plates, 1930s to 1980s

Angola - various motorcycle plates

Kenya street scene, c1940

Italy, occupation of Albania, 1939-43. MdS=Traffic Police, motorcycle

Albania, euroband, 2011 series

Ethiopia, Aid Organization motorcycle (UNICEF)

President of Djibouti vehicle at conference, possibly in Somalia

Sri Lanka, President

Variety of Dubai Police plates